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Dennis Vink is Professor of Finance and Investment at Nyenrode Businesss Universiteit and Director of the Nyenrode Center for Finance (NCF). He also holds several visiting appointments at international schools such as Moscow State University, Technical University of Denmark and Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa. He is the 2015-2016 President of the European Financial Management Association. Next to his work in academia, he is involved in advisory work that deals with complex issues in the field of financial management in the public and private sector.

In his work, Dennis Vink focuses on innovation in capital markets. In particular, he looks at the structured finance market to help policy makers to understand the mechanics of (complex) financial instruments in Europe. In the end, his objective is to critically evaluate financial innovation and to help the market to make better decisions. His 2009 JSF paper on ABS, MBS, and CDO is an example that he published to advance the knowledge of differences in credit risk between these securities in (European) financial markets. That paper has been downloaded about 4,000 times at SSRN and the results are -for example- used to define these securities at Wikipedia. Another example is his 2012 EFM paper with co-author Frank Fabozzi (and published by Yale International Center for Finance) that deals with the question to what extent investors rely exclusively on credit ratings in the European financial market. Their work is cited in top finance journals and cited by the Bank for International Settlements, the world's oldest financial organization.

Dennis Vink's academic contributions have appeared in high-quality journals including the Journal of Structured Finance, European Financial Management, European Journal of Finance and the Journal of Fixed Income.

Dennis has refereed for journals such as: European Financial Management (Wiley), Journal of International Money & Finance (Elsevier), and Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (Elsevier).

Dennis Vink

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Dennis Vink
Professor of Finance and Investment
Nyenrode Business University
Visiting Professor of Finance
Moscow State University and
Technical University Denmark